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NEW HOPE NEWS // 11.3.19

One of my favorite components of Rio Bravo Ministries +

(the ministry that New Hope FOR Families is founded after), is its “Camping Ministry."

Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive…" Acts 20:35

This is lived out through the various groups that travel just across the Rio Grande to “Camp” at the beautiful oasis in the center of Reynosa, Mexico. Nestled within one of the most impoverished cities in Mexico is a ministry that has been home to thousands of its children. They are from families that need support and those children that have been abandoned or given up for various reasons. This Island of hope has been built brick by brick through the combined efforts of the hundreds of volunteers that have traveled miles to come invest several days, weeks, and months or in some cases years into this beautiful community. Every February for the past two decades, such a group has traveled by bus from Duluth, MN to Reynosa. They “camp” at the compound and throughout the next several days, invest energy, time and talent into both the children and families housed in the six homes, as well as the school(s), playground, gymnasium, chapel, and the land located within Rio Bravo’s campus.

Here in Duluth, MN we are seeking to duplicate a similar work to help struggling families and kids who need homes by creating a network of foster homes supported by a community of volunteers. Last February 28, we at New Hope were gifted the St. Anthony’s Community Center and Rectory by the Benedictine Sisters and thus our own “camping” ministry began as well.

Therese Gruba,

Co-founder and President,

New Hope FOR Families


We have hosted several groups that have gifted us with hours, days, weekends and weeks of service to help us build this center of operations which we envision a:

f o s t e r h o m e currently open and licensed as of may 2019

f e l l o w s h i p a n d t r a i n i n g s p a c e every-other Sunday afternoon check out our events page + for foster families and those interested in supporting them within community

s u p e r v i s e d v i s i t a t i o n s p a c e to be determined!

a r t s t u d i o to be determined! (as soon as we can find a licensed electrician to help us, hint, hint!)

d a y c a r e c e n t e r opening early 2020


Our goal is to bolster and strengthen

our foster care system by addressing

this need through a network of

support which includes YOU. Together

we are making a difference!

As individuals involved in helping

foster children, we want to invite

you to be a part of our community

as we believe that together we

can offer the support, material goods,

guidance, healthy relationships, and

HOPE for foster families and children.