"Adopt. If you can't adopt, foster. If you can't foster, sponsor. If you can't sponsor, volunteer. If you can't volunteer, donate. If you can't donate, educate and you can always pray - there's a lot of kids who need prayer and prayer costs nothing!"

-Megan + Adam Joseph


Ready to take the next step?

To begin the licensing process, fill out the following forms. This will get the process initiated.

If you have questions about becoming a licensed foster family, contact St. Louis County foster care licensing at 218.725.5188

Must include both applicants and be notarized

Must be completed by everyone in the househould, 18+

Must be completed for everyone in the househould, 13+




Meal train groups

Lawncare + snow removal

Future foster parents and respite providers

Carpenters, plumbers, electricians

Date night childcare / daycare


Grants + financial support

Legal support and advice

Grant Writer

Liscensed practitioners 


Family Houses (gifted / rent assist)

Landscaping materials

Transportation vehicles


Product + Food donations



One of our goals is to be able to support foster care families by freeing their time and energy to focus on kids, rather than working to make house payments. Donating a portion of what you have is a beautiful opportunity, if it is on your heart, here is where you start!



Volunteer Coordinator

This individual would serve the New Hope community as the contact liaison between volunteers and specific team leaders.


Team members schedule and provide community reach outs and plan fundraising events.

Grant Writer

Search out and make application for grants available to New Hope.

Kids Closet Crew

Solicit, receive, organize and disperse clothing and personal care donations for our foster families.

Many Hands House Cleaning Crew

Provide our Foster Families with household cleaning help. Vacuum, dust, bathrooms, laundry, change bedding, organize closets, tidy playroom, etc.

Date Night Rescue Squad

Appear at the door, at an agreed upon time, and send foster parents out on a date. You will be very popular!

Additional Childcare Providers

This is a list of volunteers our foster care parents can go to for those times when they need someone to come in and watch the kids while they run to get one of the other kids to the doctor or go get groceries or just need to go for a much needed run.

Grocery Getters Delivery Service

Foster parents call you with their list, you do the shopping and deliver! (You will also be very well loved!!)

Chore Busters Maintenance Team

Sink is clogged...door won’t lock right, window latch is broken, who you gonna call?  

Chore Busters!

Sunday Afternoon Community Gathering Team

Schedule, plan, prepare, invite, Set-up, Clean-up and coordinate New Hope Sunday afternoon community meals.

Music Team

Musicians...this means you!  Sign up to be a part of the fun at our get togethers because WE LOVE MAKING MUSIC TOGETHER!

Building and Grounds Crew

(...even though we love coffee, not those kind of grounds) But - we have a building that needs tender, loving care and we are located in a lovely neighborhood so we welcome friends lending a helping hand now and then to help keep our community center looking her very best!

Interior Design Artists

Help us update this beautiful Duluth landmark.  We need your creative gifts to spruce up this sweet space; be a part of repurposing one of Duluth’s favorite gathering centers, we need you!!  

1028 East 8th Street

Duluth, MN 55805

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