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NEW HOPE NEWS // 2.29/20

// U P D A T E S To date, there are 42 families affiliated with the New Hope Foster Care Community. We have 29 moms involved in our foster care mom's support group (to learn more, head to New Hope Mom's facebook group + stay up to date through our Instagram highlights!)

// N E E D S > Foster families > Foster family sponsorships > Daycare scholarships > Electricians > Carpenters > Plumbers > Laptop > Flooring > Vehicle If you have any of the above skills or abilities to help repair + update kitchen, re-carpet sanctuary, update bathrooms, please reach out to us!

// L O C A L B U S I N E S S E S > Sunrise Funeral Home > North Shore Bank > PerMar Security > Johnson Flooring > Maureen's Kitchen + Bath > St. Germain's > Anchor Point Community Church These businesses have gone above + beyond to be apart of pulling New Hope Community Center together. A deep appreciation to each involved + please thank them when you have a chance!


January 2019, as our small group of concerned citizens walked through the old St. Anthony's community center, Therese came upon this mural that had been painted on the wall of the gymnasium. Looking closer, she realized that it was the exact image of the mission statement they had been working on. "Let the children come unto Me," said Jesus. The sun shining out from the clouds unto the old St. Anthony's community center, through the children standing alongside the building united in their impact for good for the community below. This mural was the turning point in her heart + mind as Therese realized that this would be a wonderful center for the foster care community of support they were hoping to build.

Since the child care center renovations are in full swing on the main floor, it was time to move our fellowship area up into the gorgeous, second floor sanctuary. Thank you Curtis Bellows + Northern Bedrock Historical Preservation crew for the fine craftsmanship and detail in preserving the artistry in this beautiful meeting space. Come see us soon!

On average, 2 times a week we are now getting calls from individuals regarding items in our Kid's Closet. Many volunteers have put in countless hours organizing + setting up our amazing Kid's Closet. Please keep this in mind whether you are a giver or a receiver, call us.

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NEW HOPE NEWS // 12/22/20

// New Hope Family Your support helps foster families that care for our most vulnerable. Your donations purchase items foster families need: diapers, formula, bedding, shoes, even vehicles, gas, chil


September Updates!

We are happy to report that our open house was a grand success! It was a beautiful

Evening with a constant stream of folks interested in learning about New Hope For Families touring our newly renovated community center and learning more about New Hope. 

Thanks to Mary Hermanson for the beautiful music as people explored our wonderful

sanctuary and placed bids on our silent auction items - we raised over $1,300! 


The highlight of the evening was special guest and keynote speaker Ray Hansen,   founder/director of Rio Bravo Ministry - a children's home in Reynosa, Mexico - the inspiration for New Hope For Families.  Ray delighted all with his journey of faith and the story of how he began this amazingly successful children’s ministry, from the ground up, caring for the needs of hundreds of children in his community.  It was a wonderful evening establishing many new connections within our community! 


Thank you to all of the businesses and individuals who donated silent auction items, Johnson's Bakery for the fresh-baked cookies and Hope City Church for sharing your sound equipment for the event, and last but definitely not least, thanks Ian Devaney & Jeff Nast for volunteering as our sound guys!  Thanks to them, you can view a recording of Ray’s talk on our NHFF  Facebook page.


A big hi-five and warm welcome to our new Kids Closet coordinator Kristina Linder.  Kristina, her husband Brian Linder and artist Amy Halverson coordinated, designed, built,  and hung our new building signage.  Beautiful and so helpful!!  (If you have Kids Closet needs or donations, please contact Kristina - 218-310-8313)


We would also like to introduce our new media coordinators, the amazing brother and sister team -  Ian and Michaela DeVaney.  You guys Rock!


The current needs of our foster care families include diapers, size 3 and larger; Pull-ups; unscented wipes; a bike stroller, boys and girls sweatpants small, medium & large.

community center needs include helping hands with small building, electrical, plumbing  projects, carpet and flooring; paper products; gas cards, coffee (grounds or k-cups), bottled water.
We love the saying, "many hands make light work" - this has surely been our story - every little bit helps alot!

Warmest regards,

Therese Gruba


New Hope FOR Families


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